About the Writer

A lifelong “seeker” of truth, understanding, and self, Garangwyn adopted her Welsh druid name upon mutual agreement with a California egret, who came to represent her often solitary path through life. Ever introspective, she chases her endlessly-moving target, Bliss.


    • Well, I’ve been on druid time, obviously! Only 2-1/2 years later….Are you a member of East Bay Druids? I know a couple of people there. Yeah, I’ve taken a break from blogging (as you can see) but am getting ready to start a new blog – Path of the Mystic Druid. Time has moved on…I will still keep the Urban Druid blog as I may write something from time to time that relates more closely with that theme. Glad to meet you too…although we be much older (and hopefully wiser) by now! 😀

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