In All Seriousness

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Three weeks ago, I attended one of my online mystic classes that focused on the topic of moving into this “new frontier” of the Aquarian Age that we have entered. A frontier, as defined by, is: a. the limit of knowledge or the most advanced achievement in a particular field; outer limit in a field of endeavor, especially one in which the opportunities for research and development have not been exploited. Ignoring, for now, that use of the word “exploited”, the current events in the U.S. in the past week and months seem to have indeed been an example of reaching “an outer limit” in the field of this country’s democratic endeavor, at the least.

During this class, I was introduced to a new “energy” that had been manifest in me. While the experience of others in the class ranged from gaining new perspectives to newfound patience, what I experienced I could only describe as a feeling of “serious potential.” By that I mean that it was not necessarily exciting or thrilling potential, as I have often experienced “new potential” in the past, but while it was definitely an energy of potential, there was a seriousness about it that I could not describe. I was told that this energy would ‘push me along for the next decade or so.’

Then, only a few days later, I listened to the Energy Update that Lee Harris puts out every month. Lee indicated that “We’re entering into a very serious part of the transformation phase that we’re going through as a world,” again underscoring the seriousness of the energy of potential I had experienced myself. (See Lee’s video here:

The Week That Was

Regardless of how others have reacted to the events of this past week (namely, the storming of the Capitol and the events surrounding it), my reaction was one of great concern and seriousness. I’ve had a few opinions, which I have mostly kept to myself or shared with close friends and family members, but the overriding insight for me has been just how deeply complicated the issues are which now face the American people and its elected leaders. And being relatively new to politics in general, a renewed realization of how very little I really know or understand.

I’ve often felt that I haven’t spoken up as much as I should have; I haven’t taken part in our shared responsibility for governance as often as I should have. And yet, now more than ever before, I realize how little my own personal opinion matters. I look upon this state of affairs in our country, and the states of affairs throughout the world, and what I see is that we are indeed at the outer limits of our knowledge and achievements, and entering into uncharted waters. We know what has not worked; there is no need to go back and retry those proposed solutions. We are at the threshold of potential; potential for new ideas and new solutions, never before tried. And it is serious.

I am certainly not in a place to offer anything to these new endeavors. At the moment, I find that I can only listen; listen to as many rational voices as possible (I will not indulge in obvious lies and conspiracy theories whatsoever); but listen to those who have behind them years of experience and knowledge; those who clearly have the interests of our human family and our global home at heart. I have no interest in partisanship whatsoever; nor am I interested any more in vocalizing or promoting my own opinion for the sake of my ego. If this is seen by some as not standing up for what I believe in, they are sadly mistaken. This is me, acknowledging that I can see beyond my own opinions and beliefs far enough to know I am sorely underequipped, and far enough to sense when someone else’s opinions and beliefs may be a bit short-sighted, but not necessarily wrong.  And as always, that truth transcends the speaker, regardless of his or her personality or beliefs.

The Path Before Me

It is becoming so much clearer that this, apparently, is indeed my path for the next decade: To observe and process. To observe, to collect information, to internalize it and then return it to the outside world where it began. Then to begin again. This process will undoubtedly keep changing the picture that I am seeing; so my thoughts and observations will change along the way. The only real benefit I can guarantee from this will be to my own understanding. But if my processing of all this causes even one other person to pause and ask a question they had not yet considered, it will be of value to someone else as well.

Indeed, this is exactly what I learned was my “true nature” a couple of years ago at a week-long workshop I attended. I didn’t fully understand what to do with it, but I did recognize that it was intrinsically who I am. Finally, after 65 years, I believe I am actually finding myself.

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